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This is a list of links to other anime and game sheet music sites on the web. They're all in alphabetical order. If you find any broken or incorrect links, please tell me! Also, if you run an anime or game music-related website and would like it on this page, please contact me.

Sheet Music

Josh's anime sheet music collection
PandaPatrol Sheet Music
Score by Jill-JÍnn
Symphony Sheet Music
Victor Seven's Music
Anjoola's Sheet Music
Keynote Musical
Pink Elephant Sheet Music

Sheet Music Search Sites

Search-based Open Directory of Asian Sheet music
Yahoo Group: Anime Sheet Music
Sheet Music - Specialized

Anime Sheet Music - Small collection
Ninty Fresh - Video game music
Sebastian Wolff - Transcriptions and compositions

Guitar Tabs

Anime Chords
Anime Guitar Tab Archive
Anime Tabulatures
Game Tabs
Smoo's Guitar Tabs

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